Burlington Northern's Crawford Hill DVD
By Pentrex

Burlington Northern
1 Hour 7 Mins


Product Description

One of the best kept railroad secrets is Crawford Hill. Let’s go back to the days when Burlington Northern used their latest power to get over this obstacle. Spectacular scenery, intense action and sheer locomotive power!

This 13-mile section of railroad. Crawford Hill sees over 40 trains a day, most requiring helper engines as they battle steep grades, s-curves, and even back-to-back horseshoe curves. Watch a wide variety of locomotives including C30-7s, SD40-2s, GP30s, Oakway SD-60s and SD70MACs growl up the hill.

A highlight is the red, white and blue locomotive “Desert Storm”, number 1991. We see several appearances of #1991 on the hill. Just one of the many spectacular scenes on “Burlington Northern’s Crawford Hill”.