Cajon Pass, Gateway to LA DVD
By Pentrex

Cajon Pass, Gateway to LA DVD
58 Mins



Product Description

Cajon Pass in 1987 is a very different place than it is now. In many ways more exciting for railfans. Many trains have a caboose at the end…and every railroad uses helpers. There is no new BNSF triple track and the railroads are all pre-merger and independant at this time. Watch the Santa Fe, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific (and Amtrak) push trains over the mountain.

Highlights of this show include:
* Watch as the ATSF, S.P. and U.P. Railroads challenge the brutal grades of Cajon Pass.
* See the Union Pacific’s DDA40X round Sullivan’s Curve.
* Experience spectacular runbys with enormous hill pulling power.
PLUS – Rare footage of the building of Southern Pacific’s massive Colton Yard.