New York Transit Redbird Farewell Special 2-Disc Set
By Valhalla Video

New York Transit Redbird Farewell Special 2-Disc Set
3 Hours


Product Description

Redbird Farewell Special: Ride a 6 car Redbird (1963 R-33 singles) charter excursion train through subways and over elevated trackage in May, 2002. Starting at 42nd St., travel on the 6 line South through the abandoned City Hall station, and then loop North over the lines of the old IRT 6 Line in the Bronx to the Westchester Yard, returning on the D Line, and later riding both the 4 and 1 lines, crossing the Broadway Bridge, and return. Three hours on two DVDs packaged in a double library case with a printed color cover. Most of the video in this program was taken from the head end, giving the motorman's view of the tracks, including subway and elevateds. Hi-Fi stereo sound, and limited narration. Rock steady picture.

Note: This comes as two cases with one disc in each.