New York Transit Triplex Special 2-Disc Set
By Valhalla Video

New York Transit Triplex Special 2-Disc Set
3 Hours


Product Description

Triplex Special: Travel over the lines of the old BMT in Brooklyn (with a little incursion into Queens) on a set of three 1927 D type Triplex cars on a charter excursion train in May, 2002. What a treat! These old 1927 cars run and sound great, with lots of traction motor and gear whine in the audio. Even includes spectacular scenes of the Broadway Junction steel bridges, now being dismantled. Also visit East NY yard. Three hours on two DVDs packaged in a double library case with a printed color cover. Most of the video in this program was taken from the head end, giving the motorman's view of the tracks, including subway and elevateds. Hi-Fi stereo sound, and limited narration. Rock steady picture. Approximate running time: three hours

Note: This comes as two cases with one disc in each.