From Conrail to CSX
in The Berkshires

"A nice overview of an historic change on a scenic line
that has seen more than its share of history"
TRAINS Magazine - February, 2000

"Well paced editing"
TRAINS Magazine - February, 2000


The photos below are actual captures from the video!


On June 1st, 1999, Conrail became CSX Transportation in the Northeast.  BKVP is pleased
to announce that we covered the transition from several months before the takeover date to several months after.  We were right there at Selkirk Yard through the stroke of midnight on the big day.  See the last westbound and eastbound freights on the Boston Line under Conrail ownership, plus the first eastbound freight under CSX control!
Action is focused in the Berkshire Mountains, where Conrail had to, and now CSX has to pull heavy trains over one heck of a challenging grade!


   Watch the transition, from barely a sign of anything different, to CSX units beginning to appear, The story of the changes is told with effective, not excessive narration. Every train is identified with a brief graphic showing the date, time, train symbol, and location!   A wide variety of motive power is seen, and the cameras captured some great action.
This isn’t just another rail video, this is a recorded history of one of the biggest changes the Boston Line has ever seen!

Highlights of this program include...

* The last of the SD80MAC era for this line
* Beautiful scenery of the Berkshire Mountains
* A wide variety of motive power
* Lots of "lasts" and "firsts" for the line

In STEREO -  Narrated - 2 hours