Conrail Finale - Selkirk to State Line
                           Filmed in 1998


The photos below are actual captures from the program!


In early 1998 BROKEN KNUCKLE VIDEO began filming Conrail at a beautiful and
unremarked section of the Boston Line.
  This 30 mile stretch offers a 1 mile bridge over the Hudson River, at its west end, and The State Line Tunnel at its east end.  14 Public grade crossings allow access to some beautiful photo locations, and along with 4 talking defect detectors, approaching trains never come by surprise! The grades are not as
severe as the climb through the Massachusetts Berkshires, but a roller coaster terrain makes things interesting for train crews and the Berkshire Dispatcher.


 As 1998 came to an end, BKVP had accumulated over 10 hours of raw footage of Conrail freights as well as some Amtrak passenger trains! We've taken the best of of this footage and edited it down to a great 2 hour show, with just enough narration to be informative, but not overpowering!

This program also features brief on screen graphics that will identify all trains and their locations.

Highlights of this program include...

* Lots of SD80MAC's
* Beautiful views of the Alfred H. Smith Bridge
* An SD45-2 on the lead!
* Several meets

In STEREO -  Narrated - 2 hours