A Railfan's Adventure in the Cornbelt

Filmed in June of 2003


Photos are captures from the program!



From the perspective of a Railfan and a Railroad Video Producer, join BKVP as we
spend 8 days in western Indiana, and Illinois for lots of exciting action at many
of the regions popular spots! We start with the BNSF on The “Racetrack”
at LaGrange Rd, then head to Terre Haute, Indiana for action on CSX & The CP.
Back to central Illinois to visit the Effingham RR and more.

Galesburg, Illinois is a major railroad hub for the BNSF, and we captured some
great stuff in the area!  We then headed east to Gilman, Illinois, but made sure
to stop at the famous Edelstein Hill & Houlihans Curve for more BNSF excitement!

Then the Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern makes a brief appearance while we cover The UP & CSX at Watseka and Woodland Junction, IL. The Norfolk Southern
is seen on the “Automotive Artery” at Philo & Tolono, Illinois.

Finally we return to Terre Haute for one more brief look at CSX.
The adventure comes to an end the same way it started, with more
BNSF, Amtrak, and Metra on The “Racetrack”!


This program shows trains on the BNSF, CSX, UP, CP, NS, CN (former IC),
Along with some short line action!
The program is presented as both a railfan's journal and an informative
documentary.  Because it attempts to capture the "feel" of the trip, almost
every train that was filmed is shown.   Several in their entirety

ALL trains seen in this program are identified with symbol, including
origin & destination, as well as the location!  This is done with brief
on-screen graphics.

OVER 3-1/2 Hours!



In STEREO -  Narrated -  over 3.5 hours on 2 disks!