Gorges and Mountains Volume One, The BNSF
                                  Filmed in May, 2000


Photos are actual captures from the video!


The unique beauty of a major waterway surrounded by a landscape
featuring majestic mountains, tall pines, and a variety of colorful
spring wildflowers would be an attraction in itself.  For a Railfan, the addition
of two busy railroad lines skirting both shores of the waterway,
makes this area known as The Columbia River Gorge SPECTACULAR!


In this video, you’ll see trains of The BNSF along the north (Washington)
side of the gorge from North Bonneville to Wishram / O.T. Junction.
Some great pacing footage is included!

The trains in this video are identified with their symbol using
a brief on-screen graphic.  Even more info is given on some trains!


Highlights of this program include...

* Great pacing action
* Many motive power schemes from BN, AT&SF, and the BNSF
* Operation of the Celilo Falls lift bridge

In STEREO -  Narrated - 75 minutes.