Gorges and Mountains
                      Volume Two, The Union Pacific
                                  Filmed in May, 2000


Photos are actual captures from the program!


With a single route from the east into the Pacific Northwest, serving areas
such as Seattle, Portland, and with the SP merger, Eugene and other cities,
The Union Pacific Railroad keeps plenty of trains shaking the
Oregon Landscape. This video features trains of the UP in The Blue Mountains,
at Hinkle Yard, and along the Umatilla River from Nolin to Pendleton.


You’ll also see the UP skirting the south shore of The Columbia River Gorge
from Cascade Locks to O.T. Junction.  Perhaps the best moment during
this trip was catching the first run of UP's new "Winged" SD70M's
#'s 4000-4004 as they came through Meacham, OR with
Train ZAPSE on May 18th, 2000!


The trains in this video are identified with their symbol using
a brief on-screen graphic.  Even more info, such as loads,
empties, tons, and length is given on most trains!

Highlights of this program include...

* Great weather in the Pacific Northwest
* Lots of info on trains
* UP "Wings" on their maiden run!

In STEREO -  Narrated - 90 minutes.