Northeast Rails, 1995 -1999

Photos are captures from the program!

Yet more changes for railroads in the Northeast from 1995 to 1999.  BKVP’s cameras caught action from Iron Road Railway’s Bangor & Aroostook, and Canadian American Railroads.  We also visited The Saint Lawrence and Atlantic, where CN MLW’s can be found once again.  In Massachusetts, we filmed action on the Providence & Worcester on its Worcester to Providence line. The Short line Grafton & Upton was seen in a rare and perhaps last moment running from Upton to Grafton.

Of course, no change in the Northeast over the last five years was bigger than the acquisition of Conrail by CSX, and you’ll see new footage before and after the June 1st, 1999 takeover date.  Finally, we add video of several other Northeast lines, including GRS, NECR, The New Brunswick Southern, and the Massachusetts Central!

2 Hours - Stereo - Narrated