Railfanning Southwest British Columbia
- June, 1987 -


All photos on this page are captures from the video!

In June of 1987 I traveled across Canada on VIA Train #1, “The Canadian” for 7 days of railfanning on The  CP, CN, and BCR in Southwest British Columbia.  This has always been one of my most memorable railfanning trips, and as time passes, the video that I shot has become more and more priceless.


Every train had a caboose.  CP & CN stuck to their own sides
of The Fraser & Thompson River Canyons (the direction of the train now dictates the side they use). The British Columbia Railway was healthy, and still running lots of big ALCO / MLW's! The Royal Hudson Steam excursion was in full service.


No doubt one thing remains constant, whether it be 1987 or present... the scenery is SPECTACULAR!


At the time this video was shot, it was done for personal enjoyment,
not for a commercial venture.  Camera work is good, Picture quality is
good, content is CLASSIC!
Many trains are shown in their entirety!

2 Hours, 45 minutes on 2 disks - No Narration